why fly with us? our history

Because we are a team of professional pilots with over 16 years of experience in free flight. We love what we do, and our goal is to provide our customers with a unique and transcendental experience, the same feeling we had the first time we flew. Each AcroFly pilot has been certified by the Argentine Free Flight Federation and is covered by the insurance of AR Vida company. Throughout the years we have embarked on many adventures and feats practicing our discipline, both in Argentina and abroad. You can have a look at our experiences through our photos and videos. Our goal is to offer you a unique and memorable experience.

Some photos of our adventures around the world.

Parapente Mendoza
Working Tandem Flights
Mendoza Parapente Acrofly
Austria | Italia | 2018 The Alps
Parapente Mza
Organya | Spain 2011 | Meeting the best pilots in the world in aerobatics Aerobatics
Mza Parapente
Bolsón y Bariloche Patagonia
vuelo libre
Aerobatics and jumps from paragliding AcroFly team
Cerro Arco
First fight more +150km | 2019 Spain
vuelo de montaña
2017 Tucuman
San Luis Merlo
Cerro Arco
Acro-Arica 2008 Arica | Chile

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Personal Session

Authorization of the Argentine Federation of Free Flight license N°599

Licencia FAVL

Wedding Photography

Formation and updating of the Argentine Federation certificate

Certificado FAVL

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